• Handmade in small batches

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  • Made with ancient Teff flour

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  • Crunchy clusters,
    the perfect snack!

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Good Food Naturally

Here at Jessica’s we are passionate about natural food. Our family reads a lot of labels when we are grocery shopping, and we are finicky about what we bring home. We only want the best all-natural and Non-GMO food for our family, so naturally these are the kinds of products we produce. Jessica’s continues to grow and is now offering an expanded line of all-natural and non-GMO products.

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  • No Gluten or Wheat
  • No Artificial Colors, flavors or preservatives
  • No highly refined sweeteners
  • No trans-fats
  • No cholesterol
  • Non-GMO*

Our granola is gluten-free certified and non-GMO* and is loaded with healthy ingredients like ground flax, coconut, organic honey and pure maple syrup. *All flavors except Butterscotch Chip are non-GMO verified.

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  • No Gluten or Wheat
  • Made with Wholesome Ancient Teff Flour
  • No Rice Ingredients
  • Non-GMO

Check out our delicious gluten-free certified and non-GMO verified muffin, chocolate chip cookie, chocolate cake and flour mix.

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