Hard to Put Down

I recently brought a bag of Jessica’s gluten free almond cherry granola. This is my very 1st time trying your granola. It is so delicious !!! It’s hard to put down!!! I was looking for some healthy snacks and I came across this one. Thanks for making a healthy balanced snack we can enjoy.

- Angela, Alexandria, VA

LOVE it!

“Hi. Just wanted to let you know I recently (looks like I’m late to the party) discovered your Almond Cherry granola at Whole Foods and I LOVE it! Thanks for making such a great product.”

- Greg, San Mateo, CA

Such a Blessing

“Such a blessing to have found you AND for you to have a wonderful product. We ordered five granolas, chocolate chip cookie mix and blueberry muffin mix. We started with the Chocolate Chip Granola and were pleasantly surprised at how good it tasted. Vanilla Maple Granola goes great with yogurt for breakfast. Today we had a funeral in which my son and I could not have any desserts, so when we came home I made the Chocolate Chip Cookies, delicious!!”

- JR, McDonald, Kansas

Obsessed with Jessica's Granola

I am beyond obsessed with Jessica’s granola…every flavor! I always need at least 2 bags in my house at once, but having 3 can cause trouble since it is literally better than candy. I have it for breakfast, an after work snack, and an after dinner snack! I hope to meet Jessica one day and really explain to her the love I have for Jessica’s granola!

- Jenna, Chicago, IL

Morning Special

“I wanted to just say thank you for making awesome granola! I typically always buy the hazelnut chocolate and recently tried the chocolate chip. Delicious! There’s a great amount of chocolate chips in there so thanks again for making my morning special.”

- Sara, Asheville, NC


“Love your product! Always liked granola never loved it. I love yours!”

- Betsy, Montgomery, Alabama


“Can I just say the new flavor is AMAZING! It tastes just like an oatmeal scotchie cookie. Congrats on another great flavor 🙂”

- Georganne, St. Charles, IL

Eat Daily

“I’ve tried MANY granolas, and there is nothing like the unique texture and delicious taste of Jessica’s gluten-free granola! The Chocolate Chip flavor tastes like a chocolate chip cookie, my husband and I eat it daily!”

- Lindsay, Cleveland, OH

Butterscotch Granola

“Just got the Butterscotch granola, like five seconds ago. Awesome! I was chomping at the bit because UPS had it in their warehouse since 4:50 am early Friday morning. That’s like two miles from our house! Waiting that long knowing how close it was, was agony. Don’t know why It took so long to cover two miles, but it was worth the wait. Thank you Jessica. Keep up the great work. Best, and I truly mean the BEST, granola ever.

- John, Palm Bay, Florida

Best GF Muffins

“Someone gave me this mix and they were the best GF muffins we have had! Had to check the package multiple times to make sure it was GF! Thank you!!”

- Jennifer, Wheaton IL


“THIS CHOCOLATE CHIP GRANOLA IS HANDS DOWN THE BEST GRANOLA I HAVE EVER HAD IN MY 21 YEARS OF EXISTENCE. I seriously cannot live without it. So beyond grateful for this product. Keep up the good work. 5 stars all around!!!”

- Elizabeth, Oxford, MS

Both Hooked!

“Hi! I used the chocolate cake mix to make a chocolate pudding bundt cake, and need to tell you how delicious it is! I did not have a recipe, kind of “winged it” and it is the most moist cake I have ever had, with delicious flavors. Thank you for your products. I split orders with my daughter and we are both hooked!!”

- Kathleen, Middleburg Hts, OH


“I’ve been wanting to reach out to you & let you know how much I LOVE your granola! Actually, both my partner and I love the Almond Cherry and Chocolate Chip granola flavors. While we do not have to be GF, we do like to limit the amount of gluten (and yes, also rice/grain) in our diets. We prefer to eat clean…and therefore I cook/bake a lot. Your granola is a nice treat we can enjoy as a breakfast side, afternoon snack or after dinner dessert. It is honestly the best granola on the market! So, I just wanted to say thank you for creating it.”

- Lisa, Framingham, Massachusetts


“I just wanted to write you a note and say THANK YOU for creating such amazing granola. Breakfast was always my favorite meal pre my diagnosis with celiac but afterwards I found it to be tough. But then I tried the chocolate chip granola!!! I know this sounds dramatic but it was seriously life changing. From then on we have always had some in the house. And on a funny note, at the start of shelter in place we skipped stocking up on toilet paper and truly stocked up on granola instead! Anyways, this probably sounds a little random and all over the place but thank you for creating something that’s so delicious and sharing it with the world. It’s made such a difference in my daily life. Thank you!!”

- Delaina, Chicago, IL

Best Granola I’ve Ever Had

“I wanted to write to let you know what a huge fan I am! I am gluten intolerant, as is my boyfriend, and we both so loyal to Jessica’s. When I discovered I am GF, I was devastated. However, I had no idea that I would find such a great granola product that I could eat on my limited diet. It is sometimes difficult to find, but the best granola I’ve ever had. I try to promote you as much as I can to everyone I know (which I’m sure they’re not tired of AT ALL..) Anyways- thank you!”

- Carley, Los Angeles CA


“Your Pecan Almond Granola is THE BEST GF granola I have found. Thank you so much for making it the BEST. I haven’t tried your other products, but look forward to doing so soon.”

- Suzi


“I’m constantly on the hunt for new gluten free products that are also rice and coconut free and I was excited to stumble upon about Jessica’s Natural Foods. I placed my order and when it arrived, I had received an extra chocolate cake flour mix in place of the all-purpose flour mix. After emailing about the product swap, I received a quick response that a replacement flour would be sent the next day. Eager to try out the product, I made the chocolate cake. Both my husband and I were impressed by how great it tasted and my husband even commented that he wasn’t missing “the gluten”. Can’t wait to try out a few more of the products!”

- Kelli, Aliso Viejo, California

I’m considering naming my baby after you......Granola!

“So I can’t remember the last time I wrote to a company about loving their food, but your Chocolate hazelnut granola is terrific and I drove straight home cramming it in my mouth so I could write to you. I eat a lot of granola and always looking for a great balance of crunch and healthy ingredients, yours is delicious and I’m considering naming my baby after you……Granola!”

- Lisa, Wichita KS


“I just wanted to say I think your products are great! I love your chocolate chip granola with Greek yogurt, it makes eating plain Greek yogurt less boring and tasteless! Glad to see your products at Whole Foods. :)”

- Adam, Pembroke Pines FL

Best granola I have ever had

“I have been eating yogurt and granola for yeeaaaars and the Pecan Almond granola is by far the best granola I have ever had! I rarely write reviews on products, but after discovering this granola at my local Whole Foods here in Boca Raton, Florida, I felt compelled to let you know this is a standout product! Fresh, delicious, nutty, crunchy and healthy! Please keep making this forever. Thank you Jessica’s Natural Foods!”

- Jack, Boca Raton, Florida

I’m a fan!

“Kudos to you for developing and marketing your gluten free granola. My favorite is the Chocolate hazelnut. I even pack a bag when traveling! It also makes a superb topping for berry and other cobbler’s. I’m a fan!”

- Kaye, Rockville MD

I love this granola!

“Just had to leave a comment and say how much I love this granola! It always feels good to get some good feedback and I just had to say it! Best granola ever!!!!! Keep doing what you’re doing!!!! Just wish it was in more grocery stores because there is none at the stores near my college :/ it’s always a special treat when I am home :)”

- Lauren, Champaign, IL

Absolute Best!

“Thank you for making such delicious gluten free granola. The Almond Cherry is my very favorite. I’ve tried many different brands of GF granola but nothing compares to yours. It’s the absolute best! I’ve been browsing your website & have found many more items I can’t wait to try. Thanks again!!”

- Kathy, Baldwinsville, NY

Amazing Product

I don’t usually take the time to write a comment, but I think this is the best granola I have ever had. I am GF and have tried other brands and they don’t come close to comparing! I thought the chocolate hazelnut was delicious. I just recently tried the vanilla maple and I’m not sure what one I like better. Anyway, thanks for making an amazing product.

- Christina, North Grafton, MA


“Your granola product is AMAZING, plain and simple. We have not tried anything other than the Chocolate Chip and Hazelnut so far. Ingredients are healthy and are of quality. The packaging is attractive. The Taste is unreal. The texture is appealing. The size of and shape of the pieces are perfect. Anyway, keep up what you are doing and continue to put smiles on faces!”

- John, New York, NY


“Hi there! Recently I started purchasing your gluten-free chocolate chip cookie granola from my local Wegmans and I just wanted to say I am absolutely, 100% IN LOVE with it!! It is so surprising to me that the granola is gluten free and healthy since it just tastes SOOOOOO good!!! I just wanted to write this saying thank you for creating a healthy, gluten-free, guilt free snack I can always munch on!”

- Madison, Collegeville, PA

Thank You

“I would like to say Thank You for your amazing product. For the longest time I didn’t like to eat breakfast and about a year ago I discovered your Pecan Almond Granola. Since then I eat breakfast every day, granola with fresh fruits and yoghurt. I lost 30 lbs with exercise and it helps me to maintain my weight. I never get tired of this delicious crunchy sweet taste..”

- Susann, San Antonio, TX

Excellent Line of Products

“Just a note to let you know that I sampled some of your granola line at Whole Foods Market in Austin, TX and loved it. I’ve since tried all of the flavors of your granola that they stock at WFM and am really enjoying them. Not only are they gluten free, which is important to me, and NGMO, but I like that they are comparatively low on sugar. You donation of 5% of sales to worthy causes is very commendable. Thank you for an excellent line of products. Keep up the good work. ”

- Tom, Austin, TX

Tastier than anything I’ve made myself

“I’m writing to compliment you on your gluten free chocolate cake mix. We live in the Fort Lauderdale Florida area and I went to a gluten free expo in West Palm Beach in February, where I received a bag of the cake mix. I didn’t make it until recently (in the form of cupcakes) & I could not believe how moist & tender it was. I’ve been baking gluten free for 10 years and usually bake from scratch, but the cupcakes from your mix were tastier than anything I’ve made myself. Thanks for the delicious product & keep up the good work!”

- Suzanne, Fort Lauderdale, Florida


I tried your product at Whole Foods Market in Rocky River. I love it as I’m eating it now, bought 2 bags. Just wanted to share how I love it and can’t wait to add to my yogurt, cereal and ice cream. Vanilla Maple and Pecan Almond. Yummy……”

- Susan, Parma, OH

So Incredibly Delicious

Thank you Jessica’s Natural Foods for creating your new and delicious gluten free mixes! Our family loves to bake together but my son and I recently learned we had to go gluten free. We have since tried many different cookie and muffin mixes. We searched for something that doesn’t taste like it’s gluten free and isn’t full of ingredients that we can’t read. We have been long time fans of your granola so when we saw your new mixes, we couldn’t wait to try them. They did not disappoint! As a mama, I was excited to see they were made with a more nutrient dense flour than many of the others. The cookie mix, our favorite, is so incredibly delicious! You can’t even tell the cookies are gluten free! We would eat them even if we could eat gluten!

- Audrey, Forest Park, IL

I've been telling my friends

I never used to enjoy granola…until now! I have been buying your chocolate chip granola for over a year now and I put it on everything. I have been telling friends about your gluten free treats and I had an idea for you! I was thinking it might be fun to have a testimonial section on your site. Thanks again for your wholesome snacks

- Andrea, Chicago, IL

Your product is definitely a winner!!!!!

I tasted your granola for the first time at the Ridgewood, NJ Whole Foods and loved it -bought a bunch of bags! Granola is one of those things I don’t necessarily feel I need to have around my house because most are very sugary, high calorie and filled with lots of junk. After eating some of the Motor City Crunch (BTW, cute name and story) this time, I took a closer look at your ingredients and nutritional info. and was totally impressed. Your granola is DELICIOUS!! and I’m impressed with how clean your ingredients are! I love your flavors -they are all pure and taste like food should. Your stuff is much better than anything else I’ve tried and now knowing what I do about your ingredients and philosophy, I will not hesitate to keep them around my house. Keep up the great work!! Your product is definitely a winner!!!!!

- Emily, Ridgewood, NJ

Great product for us Glutards

I have been dying to try your product for months but didn’t want to buy it in bulk without trying it first. I picked up the maple vanilla and chocolate chip at whole foods today and it was amazing!!! You make a fantastic product and it’s so hard to find delicious gluten free granola. I will refer you to as many people as I can and I can’t wait to see you expand your horizons – Thanks for making a great product for us glutards hehe 🙂

- Danielle, Salem, NH


I must tell you that I have had MANY MANY granolas in my life, both GF and regular, and I have NEVER had anything as unbelievable as your chocolate chip flavor. It is VERY difficult to stop once you’ve had a tiny bit. You should be truly proud of this product, as I’m sure your others are equally wonderful. Just wanted to share this with you.

- Shelli, New York, NY

Most Delicious

“Hi! Just a note to say that we have tried nearly every gf granola we could find, and your granola is HANDS DOWN the single MOST DELICIOUS granola we have ever tasted. It is so good that it is scarily addicting. :-)”

- Tema, Philadelphia, PA


Just bought the almond cherry at Heinens in Cleveland and OMG!!! So good. Been GF for 4 years and this by far the best I have had. Way better than [another brand]. – Tracie, Fairview Park, Ohio

- OMG!!!

Best I have EVER had

“Just want to let you guys know, I had stop eating granola for years; at least 10 or more; then I saw Jessica’s Pecan Almond Granola in Whole Foods in Chicago today; loved the ingredients and gluten-free. Well it is the best I have “EVER” had, “DELICIOUS”. I appreciate that you care and put love in this product, I will recommend to friends and family.”

- Amanee, Chicago, IL


“This stuff is GOOD! I bought some granola in Michigan and now that I’m back in Florida (where I live) I’m considering ordering more!”

- Eric, Orlando, FL

Instantly Obsessed

“I play Division I softball at Bryant University in Rhode Island. I have been gluten intolerant for about a year and a half now and am constantly searching for granola that can serve as a great breakfast, snack, or even dessert. When my mom sent me a bag of your Chocolate Chip granola from Whole Foods in Cleveland, Ohio (my hometown) I became instantly obsessed. It is so simple and so perfect and I am overwhelmed about how great it tastes. It matches all of my dietary needs and is perfect on the go! Just thought I would say thank you for filling a void in a girl’s life. Keep making amazing products and please find a store to sell your granola in Rhode Island! Cheers!”

- Logan, Smithfield, Rhode Island

Over 45 years

I’ve been eating granola for over 45 years and have never had a product as delicious as yours.

- Robert, Chicago IL

All I can is ~* WOW * ~

Jessica, I tried your granola snacks for the very 1st time while I was at Whole Foods market this past weekend. All I can is ~* WOW * ~. I sampled all 3 while I was in the store and I have to say the Almond Cherry is my favorite. I bought 2 of the bags. I think you’re fantastic. Thank you for this delicious snack – I’ve been eating [Another Brand] granola snacks this past year because of the healthiness. Yours is just as healthy and better yet… it’s even tastier! Kudos to you for coming up with this delicious recipe. I’ll be sure to share this with my friends & co-workers.

- John, Chicago, IL

This is WITHOUT a doubt the BEST granola I have EVER tasted!

This is WITHOUT a doubt the BEST granola I have EVER tasted! I first purchased a bag from a Whole Foods store in Cleveland, Ohio. I was hooked! Since my husband and I have spent a considerable amount of time in Florida I mistakenly thought I’d be able to purchase more there. You can’t imagine my disappointment when I learned it was unavailable. So, instead I started buying it by the case directly from you. At the same time I think I have become your greatest sales promoter as now even my sister in New York is buying it by the case as well. I was writing to congratulate you on such a delicious product and wish you continued success in your company.

- Bari, Delray Beach, FL

You have perfected the art of granola!

I just wanted to let you know that you have perfected the art of granola! I discovered your granola at a tasting table in Whole Foods Brookline this spring and was immediately turned on to the chocolate chip granola… buying about 2 bags per week! Then a few months later one of the employees mentioned how good the cherry almond flavor was (I hadn’t tried it) and that’s when I officially converted! I haven’t even bothered trying any other granola in the isles because I know it won’t compare. I just wanted to let you lot know that I love what you are doing, so keep on going!! Thanks for making my mornings … and afternoons a little brighter!!

- Samantha, Brookline, MA

My favorite is the Pecan Almond Crunch

Hi! Jessica:
I am a traditional naturopath in Austin, TX. And I am always looking for great products that can make it easier for my clients to transition to a healthier way of eating.
Your granola I can add to that list. Thank you! My favorite is the Pecan Almond Crunch.
Abundant Blessings.

- Beth, Austin, TX HealthyHelp4U.com

I enjoy it every morning

I just wanted to comment on the amazing granola that you have created! I enjoy it every morning and it really makes me look forward to the mornings! I am a loyal customer!

- Snijana, Windsor, ON

Amazing Times 10

Hey there, I’ve never written any company about any food product before, until now. Yesterday, I had the good fortune to discover your chocolate chip granola at Whole Foods in Minneapolis. It is amazing x 10.

- Mark, Minneapolis, MN

It's Wonderful

Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I recently purchased your Motor City Crunch from Whole Foods in South Bend Indiana. It’s wonderful!!! Perfect amount of chocolate. I am trying to eat a little healthier this year and I can eat it without feeling too guilty. I can’t wait to try the rest!!! Keep up the good work!

- Jennifer, South Bend, IN

Use it Every Day

Hello, my name is Ashli and I am just writing to let you know just how much I love your granola, I discovered it about a month ago at Whole Foods and I am in love. I use it every day in my oatmeal and my yogurt. I have only tried the vanilla maple and the pecan almond flavors but I have no doubt the others are just as tasty. I always have an extra pack at work and I have shared it with my coworkers. They are hooked also. Many of my coworkers have gone out and purchased their own packs so they wouldn’t eat my entire stash. Great product. Kudos!!!

- Ð Ashli, Jamaica, NY


I tried a sample of your Almond Cherry Granola while in Austin last weekend at Whole Foods and immediately bought a bag. It’s delicious and in fact the best granola I’ve ever eaten! I’ll be buying more! How FABULOUS that it’s non-GMO AND gluten-free! Congratulations on making a superior product!

- Bonnie, Raymondville, TX


I had a sample of your Pecan Almond Granola at Whole Foods In Rocky River Ohio a few months ago and have been HOOKED ever since! Not only does your product have an amazing flavor but every ingredient is yummy and wholesome! Your granola has a perfect consistency and texture and I just love that it is gluten free. I use this with my yogurt but also in the evenings when that sweet craving hits it is a nice treat to snack on. Thank you for making such a quality product with such an AWESOME taste!!!

- Sharon, Broadview Hts, OH

Instant Fans

We picked up a bag of your Pecan Almond granola at the Ann Arbor Whole Foods and tried it for the first time. My husband likes granola to snack on. I cannot have gluten so I appreciate its gluten-freeness. I paired it with So Delicious vanilla coconut milk. It is so good!!! Some granolas are too hard and yours is just the right texture and softens perfectly in the coconut milk. We are instant fans. We can’t wait to try your other varieties!

- Cathy, Lansing, MI

Love Love Love

Love Love Love your granola! I am making a positive step in healthy step in eating healthier and I discovered the granola and I absolutely love it! So good, I look forward to having it each day 🙂 Delicious and so much healthier than other versions out there!

- Nicole, Andover, MN


Wow, your cherry berry granola is amazing! I follow weight watchers and I haven’t had any in some time. I put some on my homemade yogurt and by tongue and tummy did the happy dance! Thanks for such a great healthy product!

- Heather

Best Granola

This is literally the best granola I’ve ever had. Add it to my parfaits every morning, it’s great! Thanks for making something natural that still tastes amazing.

- Sarah, Conshohocken, PA

In Love

I have been in love with your granola for about a year. I learned about it when sampling it at whole foods and had to get a bag of every flavor! Since that point I pick up about 2 bags every week. If I didn’t control myself I would probably eat an entire bag every day! It is seriously the greatest granola I have ever eaten. I am so happy I live near a Whole Foods and Plum Market so I can get your amazing product. I just wanted to let you know how amazing your granola is. You truly mastered the greatest product so thank you! 😋

- Jenna, Chicago, IL

I’m Addicted

Dear Jessica,
If you’re wondering why cases of chocolate chip granola were flying off the shelf recently at the Whole Foods store on East North Ave. in Milwaukee I’m writing to say that I’m responsible. I bought over seven cases during your last $2.00 off sale. I’ve tried many different granolas over the years, including some of the high-end ones at WF when they’re on sale, but everything pales in comparison to your brand. And now I’m addicted. I’ve been a strict vegan for 25 years and your granola has honey in it, but addicts don’t care.

- Radovan, Milwaukee, WI

SO Delicious!

“Jessica’s foods have been my mainstay! The mixes turn out full of taste…not full of bad stuff. Best mixes for GF. My all-time fave is still the maple granola. in my yogurt…add any fruit or not…SO DElicous! I feel good about eating these non-gmo products. I buy at our local Whole Foods in Mishawaka, IN. …save some on the shelf for me!”

- Jennifer, Edwardsburg, MI


I’m sitting in my kitchen having breakfast. It is ALWAYS yogurt and your granola. I just wanted to tell you how much I love it haha. I have been having your granola for a few years now and I eat it every day. It’s really
the reason why I wake up in the morning. You know you’re addicted to it when you wake up, go downstairs, realize you don’t have any, then drive to the store to get some because you will not settle for anything else for breakfast 🙂 Thanks for being so amazing!!!!! Keep it up and thanks so much for making this granola it is my FAVORITE!!!!!!!

- Lauren, Burr Ridge, IL


“Hi there! I’ve been gluten intolerant for years now and have yet to find a granola that I can eat and enjoy- but I have found it. I am. A. HUGE. FAN. It’s so important to me to know what I’m putting in my body, not only for my safety, but health, and Jessica’s Natural Foods was the find of the century. Thank y’all for your commitment to health and yumminess!”

- Carley, Fayetteville, AR

Your #1 Fan

“I just wanted to thank you guys for your amazing product! I’ve been eating your granola for about two months now and I’m completely addicted to your it. They totally changed how I workout and I’m a carb/desert o-holic and
your delicious granola satisfies my cravings without me feeling guilty. Your granola have helped me lose weight, while enjoying a delicious snack that literally tastes like a cookie/crumble delicious hybrid. Just wanted to say thank you for encouraging a healthy/happy product and lifestyle!!”

- your #1 fan, Lauren, Nashville, TN


Every once in a while, you want fresh baked cookies. Jessica’s Natural Foods cookie mix was easy. I had the dough made well before the oven finished heating up. They use teff and oat flour instead of rice, so it has more health benefits than a normal cookie. Oh! And they’re delicious. I’m giving them a solid 10/10. Thanks Jessica’s!

- Jessie, Limerick, PA


“I recently embarked on a 10-day backpacking adventure in the Cascades of Washington, taking with me some of your granola. I thought I’d share with your company where your granola has been. Fortunately, there were never any dire moments, no impending doom, but if there had been, I would have been happy to have Cherry & Berry Granola as a last meal. Thanks for a delicious product. It has become a staple in my daily diet and definitely my backpacking adventures.”

- Tricia, Indian River, MI


“I just bought chocolate chip granola at my local store. OMG! This is the BEST I have ever eaten! Gluten free so I can eat this. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I’m going to tell everyone I know to try this product. Love it.”

- Michelle


“We have had, experienced and sought out Granola’s from all over North America to include artisan, small batch, Organic, Gluten Free, purchased in person, at Farmer’s Markets et al. and nothing, but nothing compares to the EXCELLENCE of Jessica’s Natural Foods Granola, we simply LOVE IT! You are the finest of fine wines among Natural Granola’s.”

- Sean, Carlsbad, California

It’s Perfect

“I tried your Pecan Almond Granola for the first time and Wow! That is the best granola I’ve ever eaten! It’s my favorite flavors in the right proportions. Please don’t ever change this recipe because it’s perfect. Thanks from a new customer.”

- Jeanette, Fairview, TX

All Delicious

“I love Jessica flour because it is so adaptable. I’ve used it in all our favorite recipes: Aunt Mary’s Chocolate Cake, Earl Grey Pound Cake, Italian wedding cookies, chocolate chip, and Grandma Agnone’s date and nut cake..AND even scones and pie crusts. All delicious.”

- Marilouise, Scranton, PA